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The Trace Audiobook
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The Trace Audiobook



by Adelaide Thorne

  • Narrated by: Becci Martin
  • Length: 11 hrs and 8 mins
  • Release date: 05-13-19
  • Language: English

The Grifters kidnap any metahumans – those with superhuman powers – living outside the Academy…like me. Only this time, they missed.

For centuries, a covert organization of metahumans called the Academy has protected unaware civilians from the Grifters, creatures whose humanity is as deformed as their craggy faces. I’d spent 18 years ignorant of either group, and of their endless war. Then the Grifters found me.

The Academy whisked me away to safety, and we waited for the danger to pass. Only it didn’t. The Grifters, too stupid to know or too cruel to care that I’d left, kidnapped my best friend instead.

It won’t take them long to figure out their mistake, but I’m not going to give them the opportunity. Finding Kara means grueling training at the Academy – a sequestered hub of classified operations, psychic powers, and fighting creatures that should only exist in nightmares. We have the weapons, the technology, and the brains. The Academists are strong, but Grifters are stronger. They can’t even feel pain. But we can, and Grifters are the perfect outlet for releasing that pain.

The Trace is the first book in the young adult trilogy: Whitewashed, following Ella Kepler, a nascent metahuman whose strength and speed is matched only by the enemies set against her.

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Adelaide Thorne

Narrated by

Becci Martin


11 hrs and 8 mins


Whitewashed, Book 1

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