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The State & Revolution Audiobook

The State & Revolution Audiobook


by Vladimir Lenin

  • Narrated by: Geoffrey Giuliano
  • Length: 5 hrs
  • Release date: 08-31-20
  • Language: English


Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, better known by his alias Lenin, was a Russian revolutionary, politician, and political theorist. He served as head of government of Soviet Russia from 1917 to 1924 and of the Soviet Union from 1922 to 1924. Under his administration, Russia and then the wider Soviet Union became a one-party communist state governed by the Russian Communist Party. Ideologically a communist, he developed a variant of Marxism known as Leninism.

The State and Revolution (1917) is a well-known book by Vladimir Lenin. In the book, Lenin describes the role of the state in society, the necessity of proletarian revolution, and the theoretic inadequacies of social democracy in achieving revolution to establish the dictatorship of the proletariat.

Produced by Devin Lawerence 

Edited by Macc Kay 

Production executive Avalon Giuliano 

ICON intern Eden Giuliano 

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Geoffrey Giuliano is the author of more than 30 internationally best-selling biographies, including the London Sunday Times best seller Blackbird: The Life and Times of Paul McCartney and Dark Horse: The Private Life of George Harrison. He can be heard on the Westwood One Radio Network and has written and produced more than 700 original spoken-word albums and video documentaries on various aspects of popular culture. He is also a well-known movie actor.

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Vladimir Lenin




5 hrs

Narrated by

Geoffrey Giuliano

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