The Splinter in Your Mind Audiobook By Todd Reinhardt, Julia Reinhardt cover art
The Splinter in Your Mind Audiobook

The Splinter in Your Mind Audiobook


by Todd Reinhardt

  • Narrated by: Todd Reinhardt
  • Length: 1 hr and 56 mins
  • Release date: 08-07-13
  • Language: English

If we had to say just one thing about The Splinter In Your Mind it would be: You have been robbed of your personal power. That power has been stolen and transferred to others. The purpose of this audiobook is to help you recapture it. Stop the fear and regret, and start living a bright, bold, and daring adventure – a truly rich and rewarding life. Get listening and reclaim your personal power! Today!

Just a few short years, that’s all we have, and we want to make them worth living, but what does that mean and how can we make it happen? This life isn’t a rehearsal, it’s serious! How do we live well in this world? How do we bring true happiness, love and prosperity into our lives? The splinter in your mind is always there telling you that the solutions you’ve been fed obviously don’t work. This audiobook removes that nagging reminder and replaces it with a feeling of self-assurance and purpose.

In one sense, it’s an audiobook, but we prefer to think of The Splinter In Your Mind as a revolution. A revolution is a turning point where things become radically different. Prepare for a turning point in your life toward abundant happiness, love and prosperity. As you become familiar with its concepts you’ll want to refer to it often. With each listen and reference you’ll find deeper meaning and more life-changing advantages. The ideas here are truly unique and clear so that everyone can benefit. You’ll find the most powerful ideas from the great philosophers, thinkers, and the science of achievement all in one place. The Splinter In Your Mind finally brings these life-changing ideas together, in a practical and easy-to-understand way.

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Julia Reinhardt, Todd Reinhardt




1 hr and 56 mins

Narrated by

Todd Reinhardt

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