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The Sensitive Personality Audiobook
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The Sensitive Personality Audiobook



by Jason Donovan

  • Narrated by: Dini Steyn
  • Length: 5 hrs and 11 mins
  • Release date: 12-02-19
  • Language: English


You are just a click away from discovering how to develop the right skills and tools that you need to navigate your way through life as a highly sensitive person without getting overwhelmed emotionally, having negative energy wear you down, or experiencing overwhelming psychological distress!

Being highly sensitive can be overwhelming; you see, smell, hear or perceive things in a way that others don’t, and it sometimes feels as if others don’t understand you. Some people may even think you are making things up.

As you move through the different motions of life, it can feel as if you don’t belong because of the excessive stimuli that you get from everywhere when others are getting none of it.

How do you use your gift as a highly sensitive person to get ahead in life?

How do you stop feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by your ability to perceive things that others don’t?

How do you even handle unique gift so that it stops being a bother to you and others?

How do you keep up with the fast-paced nature of life where we have so many demands on our time, strength and emotions when you are constantly being pulled from all directions by the many things you perceive that others don’t?

How can you protect yourself from the emotional overwhelm, psychological distress and negative energy that’s coming from everywhere around you because of your high level of sensitivity?

This book seeks to answer these and any other related questions you may have to help you to understand yourself in-depth and make the most of your unique gifts to make your world and the entire world a better place.

More precisely, the book will teach you:

  • What it means to be a highly sensitive person
  • What are the challenges that you probably are likely to face as a highly sensitive person, including how to deal with these challenges
  • Why it’s so hard to explain high sensitivity, including how to explain your high sensitivity to people who don’t get it in a way that they understand
  • How to test whether you are highly sensitive, including 21 signs that you are highly sensitive
  • Why being highly sensitive is not a weakness but strength, including seven secret benefits that come with being highly sensitive
  • What is the concept of empath with respect to being highly sensitive, including signs that you are an empath, the nine main types of empaths, and more
  • How to thrive as a highly sensitive person in the workplace and deal with all manners of problems effortlessly
  • How to deal with highly sensitive people in your everyday life, including at the workplace, in relationships, and other facets of life
  • What causes low self-esteem in highly sensitive people, including how to build your self-esteem as a highly sensitive person
  • Why accepting your high sensitivity is critical in your journey to coping with high sensitivity
  • How to prepare adequately for over-stimulation in your daily life to ensure you don’t end up overwhelmed and frustrated as you also neutralize negative energy
  • How to build your emotional intelligence as a highly sensitive person
  • And much more!

Lucky for you, the audiobook offers an easy-to-follow approach to help you apply what you learn with ease.

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Jason Donovan




5 hrs and 11 mins

Narrated by

Dini Steyn

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