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The Self-Confidence Workbook Audiobook
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The Self-Confidence Workbook Audiobook



by Patrick Bennett

  • Narrated by: Gary G. Crane
  • Length: 3 hrs and 1 min
  • Release date: 06-18-20
  • Language: English


If you want to find a way to develop and build your self-confidence today, then keep reading!

Imagine that you are out with your friends. You are getting through your day and having fun as you interact with others. You may be quiet, but you are still enjoying the time. However, then it happens. Someone pokes fun at you and immediately, all of that enjoyment you were discovering comes crashing down. Instead of happily listening to everyone else and munching on your French fries, you are suddenly the center of attention. 

And you hate it. 

When all eyes are on you, you feel like you cannot possibly focus. You do not trust yourself to not say something embarrassing with all of those eyes staring right at you as you chew—don’t you look stupid as you keep chewing up that mouthful of fries that you have? You are certain that the grins on the faces of everyone else are there because you look so ridiculous, and very quickly your nerves spiral out of control. 

You do not have confidence in yourself. You know that you are not particularly capable of leading a conversation. You know that you are not a desirable person. And yet, here you are, most likely the butt of the newest joke. And you feel bad. 

Instead of having fun with your friends, you suddenly feel threatened and attacked. You no longer like what you are doing, and you are concerned that everyone is making fun of you. You freeze. You leave. And you then make it a point to avoid any and all social interactions with the people you had been with. You constantly ignore them when they request that you go out with them, and eventually the requests stop coming. 

Does that sound familiar? If you can relate to this person, then you may be struggling with your self-confidence. Self-confidence is critical to enjoying your life, and without it, you can feel like you are unmotivated, self-conscious and generally socially awkward. You can hate who you are and what you do. You do not trust yourself. 

And you do not have to live this way. 

The Self-Confidence Workbook is designed to help in situations just like the one above. When you listen to this book, you will find that you are actually prepared to tackle and bolster your self-confidence. Within this book, you will find:

  • A definition of self-confidence, how it differs from self-esteem and why it is so important
  • How to recognize low self-confidence and an assessment to test your own
  • How to begin to build your own self-confidence and begin to feel better about yourself
  • Several exercises, designed to be easily completed, that can help you bolster your self-confidence level, such as learning how to make achievable goals, how to restructure your thoughts and how to keep yourself intrinsically motivated
  • And more…

Now it can be tough to believe that a book can actually offer you a guide to rebuilding your self-confidence. However, the information provided within this book is written in a way that is easy-to-follow and understand, and there are several activities offered to you for each of the major problems that you address. There is something in this book that will benefit almost anyone, and if you do commit to listening this book, you will most likely find several exercises that can truly benefit you.

There is no reason to waste any more time. You can take control of your life once and for all.

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Patrick Bennett




3 hrs and 1 min

Narrated by

Gary G. Crane

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