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The Renaissance Diet 2.0 Audiobook
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The Renaissance Diet 2.0 Audiobook



by Dr. Mike Israetel

  • Narrated by: Dr. James Hoffmann
  • Length: 9 hrs and 16 mins
  • Release date: 03-27-19
  • Language: English

The Renaissance Diet 2.0 provides the most up-to-date scientific information to help you.  

  • Understand how many calories you need to eat to maximize performance and burn fat 
  • Correctly balance your macronutrient intake for your training and physique goals 
  • Time your meals to get the most out of your nutrition 
  • Select optimal food types to fuel performance 
  • Understand which supplements actually work and why 
  • Improve your health with proper micronutrient intake and hydration 
  • Periodize your diets for long-term effectiveness 
  • How to develop reasonable goals for performance and physique improvement 
  • Step-by-step how to design and implement a diet plan to fit your goals 
  • How to adapt your diet for special circumstances such as training multiple times per day 
  • How to adapt the diet principles for a vegan diet 
  • The most current data on gut health and its practical application 
  • How to nutritionally prepare for competition in various types of sports including strength, combat, endurance, and physique sports 
  • The reality about the effect of alcohol on physique and sport performance 
  • How to recognize and dispel diet myths, fads, and fallacies   

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Dr. James Hoffmann, Dr. Jen Case, Dr. Melissa Davis, Dr. Mike Israetel




9 hrs and 16 mins

Narrated by

Dr. James Hoffmann

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