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The Quantum Goals Achievement System Audiobook
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The Quantum Goals Achievement System Audiobook



by Keith Junor

  • Narrated by: Gary Ladka
  • Length: 3 hrs and 30 mins
  • Release date: 08-13-20
  • Language: English


This system will allow anyone of any age to achieve extraordinary goals!  

Many years ago, I started a quest to find answers to:

  1. Why do some people achieve their goals far more quickly than others, and are able to create extraordinary lives? 
  2. Of those who manage to succeed, why are some miserable while others are consistently happy? 
  3. What key factors can allow anyone to create a life of deep meaning and purpose? 

After many years of studying self-improvement with the likes of Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Do You Quantum Think? author and coach and personal friend Dianne Collins and achieving business and personal goals, I reviewed my successes and failures and extracted what worked for me and discarded what did not.

It turns out that there are just 10 steps that allow you to achieve any goal faster and easier than most people think is possible. 

Anyone can follow these simple steps, and when they do great things happen in their careers and personal lives. 

To achieve your goals faster you must know exactly what you want, charge your goals with powerful emotion, set specific goal deadlines, program your subconscious mind, plan effectively, develop powerful and positive habits like the world’s highest performers do and overcome your limiting habits and beliefs.

Whether you want to achieve your life’s biggest goals, get more done, eliminate stress and burnout, or dramatically increase your sense of joy, confidence and fulfillment, this audiobook can help you to achieve it faster and more simply than you may have ever thought possible.

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Keith Junor




3 hrs and 30 mins

Narrated by

Gary Ladka

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