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The Prince of Cups Audiobook
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The Prince of Cups Audiobook



by Alana Melos

  • Narrated by: Rebecca Wolfe
  • Length: 7 hrs and 43 mins
  • Release date: 03-16-16
  • Language: English

The villainess is back!

Follow the further adventures of the villainess Capricious Whim as she suffers the consequences of killing the double-crossing fixer who had set her up. It’s hard being a villain…and even harder when the local contacts think you could be out to get them. Realizing she needs to have someone to watch her back and negotiate jobs for her, Caprice is in a sticky situation…but she needs the perfect partner.

Enter Regulus, a villain from the “bad old days”. The psychic operative has got the experience, subterfuge, and brutality she needs to succeed in her goals. In him, Caprice meets her equal in power, bloodlust, and desire. A meeting between their minds results in a dark, dangerous passion, a thirst unable to be quenched with just one drink.

There’s only two problems…he’s an interdimensional fugitive from Axis Earth, an alternate dimension where the Axis powers won World War II, and his help comes with a price. When Caprice agrees to help him get free from the hunters who pursue him, a seemingly straightforward task becomes complicated…fast.

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Alana Melos

Narrated by

Rebecca Wolfe


7 hrs and 43 mins


Villainess, Book 2

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