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The Prime Number Conspiracy Audiobook
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The Prime Number Conspiracy Audiobook



by Thomas Lin – editor

  • Narrated by: Bob Souer
  • Length: 10 hrs
  • Release date: 06-25-19
  • Language: English

These stories from Quanta Magazine map the routes of mathematical exploration, showing listeners how cutting-edge research is done, while illuminating the productive tension between conjecture and proof, theory and intuition. Listeners of The Prime Number Conspiracy are headed on “breathtaking intellectual journeys to the bleeding edge of discovery strapped to the narrative rocket of humanity’s never-ending pursuit of knowledge,” says Quanta editor-in-chief Thomas Lin.

Quanta is the only popular publication that offers in-depth coverage of the latest breakthroughs in understanding our mathematical universe. It communicates mathematics by taking it seriously, wrestling with difficult concepts and clearly explaining them in a way that speaks to our innate curiosity about our world and ourselves. 

Listeners of this volume will learn that prime numbers have decided preferences about the final digits of the primes that immediately follow them (the “conspiracy” of the title); consider whether math is the universal language of nature (allowing for “a unified theory of randomness”); discover surprising solutions (including a pentagon tiling proof that solves a century-old math problem); ponder the limits of computation; measure infinity; and explore the eternal question: “Is mathematics good for you?”

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James Gleick – foreword, Thomas Lin – editor

Narrated by

Bob Souer


10 hrs

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