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The Power of With Audiobook

The Power of With Audiobook


by Mickey Moore

  • Narrated by: Douglas Wilkin
  • Length: 38 mins
  • Release date: 02-26-20
  • Language: English


The Power of With is a fun book that will help kids of all ages learn how to turn what seems to be impossible into possible. 

Medical studies reveal that an electrical spark is generated within the mother’s body at the moment of conception. I believe that at that very moment our destiny has been determined, however we have free choice to go for it or not. 

Every part of our body and minds are preset for certain attributes, such as body type and what our interest will be and the ability to achieve it. So, if our life course is already set at the time of the spark, why do we have trouble along the way? This is the question we may not fully understand until we meet our creator, our God, but in the meantime, we must trust there is a reason for all that happens to us. 

This book will not answer the question as to why we have trouble, but it will reveal to us that we are not alone. God is in us and around us. We cannot escape that truth. This audiobook will help us better understand this truth and choose to live our lives – for better or for worse – with God and come to know the power that comes from that to achieve our purpose in life.

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Mickey Moore




38 mins

Narrated by

Douglas Wilkin

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