The Phony Campus Doc and the Shy Freshmen Audiobook By J. C. Cummings cover art
The Phony Campus Doc and the Shy Freshmen Audiobook

The Phony Campus Doc and the Shy Freshmen Audiobook


by J. C. Cummings

  • Narrated by: Scott Ashey
  • Length: 1 hr and 36 mins
  • Release date: 03-07-20
  • Language: English


Steve Morgan is one lucky son-of-a-gun. He just won a $96 million Megabucks jackpot. Steve is also a bit of a pervert – a pervert with a lifelong addiction to all things medical. To be more specific, Steve is hugely turned on seeing beautiful women being intimately examined by a male doctor.

But it’s not just the thought of being allowed to palpate and probe a pretty lady’s private, slippery goodies that gets him; it’s the feeling of power and domination the doctor gets, combined with the reluctance, vulnerability, and sheer embarrassment the woman feels. Steve would like nothing more than to do what those lucky doctors do – give a shy, shaky woman a thorough examination.

Well, now he can afford to do just that – and he won’t even need years of med school to make it happen!

First, Steve immerses himself in a month-long program of watching medical tutorial videos and studying the ways of the gynecologist. Then he relocates to just outside a Florida university teeming with gorgeous teens…and whose Dean of Admissions is, in no uncertain terms, very bribable. The deal is this: In exchange for a whole lot of money, the Dean will allow Steve to “screen” gorgeous incoming freshmen – that is, Steve will set up an exam room right on campus and live out his naughty lifelong dream of examining embarrassed naked females over and over and over.

And, one by one, in come the girls. And off come their clothes.

Steve is now in his glory feeling up and probing one delicious 18-year-old after another. His days are now filled with breast exams, pelvic exams, rectal exams, and more. And these nubile honeys have bodies like he never could have imagined. Even better, most of them are reluctant, shaky, nervous, and embarrassed to the nth degree by the rather over-the-top exams he subjects them to.

What’s cuter than a gorgeous naked girl? A gorgeous naked shy girl with red cheeks. It’s almost too good to be true.

And, ultimately, it turns out to be just that! Alas, all good things must come to an end – that is, if the new (and very sexy) Dean of Admissions has anything to say about it! But is it possible that this dream life could be replaced with something even better – even after he gets caught and possibly sent up the river?

Fans of ENF/CMNF: This story is for you!

Part of the Shy Women, Maximum Embarrassment audiobook series

J. C. Cummings is a happy, hard-working, and fun-loving author of adult fiction living the seaside cottage lifestyle in beautiful, sun-drenched North Carolina. Oh, he loves his work! Sitting out on the deck, typing away at the sexploits of one randy couple after another…and all the while feeling his own tingles from the sun and the ocean breeze on his skin, the rhythmic pounding of the surf in his ears, and view after view of semi-naked bodies spread out before him…well, he absolutely cannot think of anything he’d rather do more (for a living, anyway)!

Scott Ashey is a Rhode Island-based muscian, writer, and instructor with over 25 years’ experience both onstage and backstage. He holds a BM from Berklee College of Music and has been leading musicians, professional and amateur alike, onto the stage since 1981.

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J. C. Cummings




1 hr and 36 mins

Narrated by

Scott Ashey

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