The Perfect Italian Wife audiobook cover art
The Perfect Italian Wife Audiobook

The Perfect Italian Wife Audiobook


by Toni Sands

  • Narrated by: S. Campbell
  • Length: 1 hr and 55 mins
  • Release date: 01-30-12
  • Language: English

A collection of five erotic stories with mixed and varied lesbian themes from Xcite Books, winners of ETO Best Erotic Book Brand 2010 and 2011.

‘The Perfect Italian Wife’ by Toni Sands: Melissa persuades her Italian tycoon husband that she needs a holiday with her friends. Vicenzo suggests cruising on the family yacht. Three gorgeous girls, unlimited champagne, plus Melissa’s desire for boundary tumbling, unleash surprises for unsuspecting guys on a stag trip. Melissa intends remaining faithful – until Joy and Riley invade her boudoir.

‘Those Good Times’ by Jennie Treverton: What’s a waitress to do when service drags on for ever and all you can think of is how your co-worker is going to fulfil those silent promises she’s making with her bad black eyes? Aia is dark, exotic, and seriously distracting. She could make women dream about doing things they’d never even considered before. The only challenge, on a busy Saturday night at work, is finding the opportunity….

‘Ticking Over’ by Carmel Lockyer: Take a butch taxi driver with an addiction to online sex shows and an icy career-woman with a buttoned-up lifestyle… and add a shared secret. It’s a recipe that leads to an encounter on the backseat that ends up costing a fortune. But it’s worth it!

‘Carny Girl’ by Lynn Lake: She worked the bumper car ride, flipping the switch that electrified the ride, untangling cars, telling off overaggressive teenagers, cleaning up after overexcited kids. She was black – dark black – with straight slick hair, a lean, sinewy body, and a hard, pretty face. She wore skin tight faded jeans and a green tank-top, studs in her nose and rings in her nipples, which poked almost right through her top. And she gave head to needful women on the side. One small-town girl had an ache, a soul-searing need, to be loved by this hardboiled woman, no matter the cost.

‘Dress Rehearsal’ by Jean-Philippe Aubourg: Jen and Rachel are young actresses, cast in a controversial play. The production tells the story of two heterosexual women who experiment with their sexuality together and features explicit sex and nudity. But the two stars can’t quite find the chemistry to ignite the crucial love scenes. That is, until their director leaves for the day, and Rachel suggests a method-acting exercise with a difference….

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Carmel Lockyer, Jean Phillipe Aubourg, Jennie Treverton, Lynn Lake, Miranda Forbes (editor), Toni Sands

Narrated by

S. Campbell


1 hr and 55 mins

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