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The Pelvic Floor Lowdown Audiobook
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The Pelvic Floor Lowdown Audiobook



by Deborah S. Cohen PT MS

  • Narrated by: Deborah S. Cohen
  • Length: 4 hrs and 59 mins
  • Release date: 05-20-20
  • Language: English


Do you love exercising, but are limited by a bladder that leaks? Do you know where every restroom is on your daily commute? Are you avoiding sex due to pain or just bearing through it, wondering where all the fun went? Have you been told that you have vulvodynia, vestibulitis, pudendal neuralgia, or a “tight pelvic floor” and are just wondering what’s really going on?

Millions of women struggle needlessly with pelvic floor dysfunction, causing bladder urgency, urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, and pelvic pain that interferes with sexual function and other daily activities. The topic of women’s pelvic health still suffers from taboo and stigma, making good information and real solutions hard to come by.

Drawing on years of experience as a pelvic health physical therapy specialist, Debbie Cohen now lifts the veil of mystery and confusion surrounding these common ailments. Showing that these conditions are more than a nuisance and should not be ignored, Debbie connects women with the answers they need to get back to living the life they love, and maintain vibrant pelvic health well into their later years.

Listen to find out:

  • How to know whether or not you have pelvic floor dysfunction
  • Why doing more Kegels may not be the answer – and could be making matters worse
  • What are the common bladder habits of women who struggle with bladder control, and what to do, instead
  • How and when to start rehabilitating your pelvic floor and abdomen safely after giving birth
  • How to resolve sexual pain by treating the cause of the problem instead of numbing it or forcing through pain
  • How to treat your pelvic pain by looking beyond the pelvis
  • Why movement may be the key to getting your life back – even if you hurt too much to exercise
  • Why your health practitioners have not yet recommended pelvic rehabilitation for you
  • How to find and work with the best pelvic health specialist for you
  • What are you or your loved one missing out on most because of pelvic health concerns

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Deborah S. Cohen PT MS




4 hrs and 59 mins

Narrated by

Deborah S. Cohen

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