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The Path to Wealth and Financial Freedom Audiobook

The Path to Wealth and Financial Freedom Audiobook


by Kyle J. Benson

  • Narrated by: Joshua Rockey
  • Length: 1 hr
  • Release date: 03-15-18
  • Language: English


How will you support yourself or your family without a job? What is your backup plan for dealing with financial emergencies or hardship? What will my expenses in retirement be? How much debt do I have? How can I boost retirement income?

What about early retirement? Is it even possible? It is everyone’s dream to retire early. To some, it’s a fairy tale that you see in movies and not for reality. The likes of Mark Zuckerberg and the other game changers in businesses seem like a long shot for ordinary individuals with ordinary skills. You can have a great idea, but the chance of that becoming Facebook or Twitter level is pretty steep. But is it possible to never work again at some point and still maintain your lifestyle?

Without going into any illegal/extreme high risk trade, the answer to retiring early is a big yes. There have been many people who are able to retire early, not by kidnapping rich kids, smuggling drugs, or illegal ivory. The answer is very simple but difficult to manage for most people. When you look at those who are able to retire early, they were able to do so only because of sound financial planning and management. There is no magic formula that will make you rich and not work. This is just simple common sense that is just hard to apply in real life. This book will guide you through the process of getting to retire early and enjoy the benefits. There is no shortcut but merely seizing opportunities that other people fail to capitalize on. The sooner you apply these principles; the sooner your retirement will be.

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Kyle J. Benson




1 hr

Narrated by

Joshua Rockey

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