The Old Girls' Club Audiobook By Amber Collins cover art
The Old Girls’ Club Audiobook

The Old Girls’ Club Audiobook


by Amber Collins

  • Narrated by: Lexi Davenport
  • Length: 36 mins
  • Release date: 10-23-20
  • Language: English

The Old Girls’ Club ran the corporate world. Unspoken leader Beth Dixon came from old money, long before the Giantesses ruled Earth. Now, she’s troubled by the issues at one of the Corporation’s branches. Jenna Culpepper has made a name for herself, and Beth doesn’t like it one bit. Once she learns of the hostilities between Jenna and her former employees Trish and Sienna – a pair of shrunken-down sex slaves – she decides to restore them to normal size, and let the fun begin…. 

Contains: (Shrinking women, tiny women, crush)

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Amber Collins




36 mins

Narrated by

Lexi Davenport

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