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The Moon Audiobook

The Moon Audiobook


by Gabriel Ramirez

  • Narrated by: Kristine Hegglin
  • Length: 1 hr and 6 mins
  • Release date: 02-12-20
  • Language: English

There’s just too much coincidence in one object, which just happens to have a pattern of craters that we recognize as a face. Scientist says that a collision made the moon with another planet, and that it spun around making a perfect circle I’m sorry, but it makes no sense that two worlds collided exploded and so close to our planet. The moon was formed over 60 billion years ago, according to some wacky scientist. I mean, what gravitational pull pulled the debris to one point to form the moon?

If two planets collided to spin around to make our moon why is it that the moon is stationary it does not spin? Why is the moon large compared to Earth, and melted? Why is its orbit nearly co-planar with Earth’s, and almost circular? Why does the Earth have a larger iron core than other rocky planets in the Solar System? Why are the rocks from the moon so similar to Earth’s chemically? Why are those rocks so old, but not quite as old as Earth’s age? Why is there a high mass anomaly on the moon? Why does Earth have a relatively fast spin rate it does? Let’s find out shall we.

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Gabriel Ramirez




1 hr and 6 mins

Narrated by

Kristine Hegglin

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