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The Minimalist Mentality Audiobook

The Minimalist Mentality Audiobook


by Steve H. Willis

  • Narrated by: Jamiel Cal-Pin
  • Length: 2 hrs and 27 mins
  • Release date: 04-04-19
  • Language: English

What would you do or create if you had all of the time, energy, and focus you needed?  

You are responsible for the amount of value the things in your life provide you, and there is an unexplainable feeling of freedom in letting go of things that weigh you down.  

If you want to add meaningful experiences to your life like taking exotic vacations, learning a new language, starting a new hobby, or saving more money, you will need to eliminate the distractions in your life that are keeping you from accomplishing your goals and your passions.  

These distractions are often there for a reason and can take some serious effort to eliminate. When do you finally decide to make those dreams your reality? Do you work less? Spend less time with your family and friends? Do you eat less? Sleep less? Likely not.  

Minimalism is simply removing anything that does not align with your goals and passions. The Minimalist Mentality will teach you how you can actually accomplish more with the fundamental principle of minimalism: less.  

Minimalist author Steve H. Willis leads you through every area of your life and provides realistic strategies you can implement to remove anything from your life that distracts you from doing what matters most, like how to:  

  • Recognize and remove the chaos in your life and focus only on pursuing your goals and passions 
  • Get more done every day by shifting your focus to one job at a time 
  • Use minimalist strategies at home, work, with your finances, and in your relationships to develop a lifestyle of freedom 
  • Truly enjoy spending time with family and friends without feeling the need to obsessively document every step along the way 
  • Use time-blocking techniques to massively increase your productivity and accomplish more each day  

Stop wasting your days away exhausting yourself for somebody else’s dream. Join the thousands of others who have reclaimed their freedom with The Minimalist Mentality and are finally pursuing their passions and accomplishing their goals on their own.

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Steve H. Willis




2 hrs and 27 mins

Narrated by

Jamiel Cal-Pin

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