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The Lost Word Found in the Great Work Audiobook

The Lost Word Found in the Great Work Audiobook


by J. D. Buck

  • Narrated by: Michael Strader
  • Length: 42 mins
  • Release date: 06-04-18
  • Language: English

Famed masonic and spiritual writer J. D. Buck discusses and examines a lesser-known book called The Great Work: The Constructive Principle of Nature in Individual Life, by John Emmett Richardson. 

Buck believes that Richardson has uncovered some deeper secrets that relate to the masonic initiations and the lost word, and he wishes to share some of the insight. The school of natural science has demonstrated, through centuries of experiment, that there are no tricksters nor moral degenerates within the temple of spiritual light, that there is no subterranean rear entrance, and that all who reach its sanctum sanctorum do so by way of the front door, and even then only after having met and complied with every section and requirement of the law of light. 

Each individual admitted to its sacred precincts has come on his own free will and accord. He has given the right knock. He has proved beyond all question he is duly and truly prepared, worthy and well qualified, and that upon his own merit alone he is entitled to enter and be received in due and ancient form.

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J. D. Buck




42 mins

Narrated by

Michael Strader

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