The Little Things Audiobook By Sara M. Jackson cover art
The Little Things Audiobook

The Little Things Audiobook


by Sara M. Jackson

  • Narrated by: Anne Valliere
  • Length: 45 mins
  • Release date: 08-15-16
  • Language: English


Laura has spent her entire life up until this point eager to see what the summer before college has in store for her. The tales from the older brothers and sisters of her friends and the teenagers in TV shows and movies all had her convinced that it was going to be the best three months of her life.

The reality, she finds, is sadly different. It feels less like fun and freedom than a headfirst plunge into the icy waters of adulthood with a life jacket that kept threatening to slip off.

Between the anxiety about her looming move to college, a monotonous job and dealing with her cynical father, the entire first month is dull and colorless.

It’s an otherwise unremarkable shift at the diner when she meets Olivia, and the blur of her summer turns into a whirlwind, filled with all the excitement and adventures that she’d been so sure it would be.

All too soon, though, the summer ends and the new couple find themselves tested by the effects of long distance and the stresses of college. Only time will tell whether their fledgling relationship will survive the separation and their new environments but they’re determined to stick it out.

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Sara M. Jackson




45 mins

Narrated by

Anne Valliere

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