The Lightning Fart: A Parody of The Lightning Thief Audiobook By Steve Lookner cover art
The Lightning Fart: A Parody of The Lightning Thief Audiobook

The Lightning Fart: A Parody of The Lightning Thief Audiobook


by Steve Lookner

  • Narrated by: Brian Holden
  • Length: 2 hrs and 55 mins
  • Release date: 12-22-17
  • Language: English

Meet Percy Stinkson. He’s just a normal kid, trying to have fun and make it through school doing as little homework as possible….

until he finds out he’s the son of a Greek god! And Percy’s father isn’t just any Greek god. He’s Pooseidon, God of Farts!

Percy’s life is totally transformed as he travels to Camp Half-Wit, where he’s trained to use his special farting powers. He’s going to need these powers, because he soon learns it’s up to him to save the universe by going on a quest to find Zeus’s stolen iPhone!

It’ll be a dangerous quest, but Percy will have company: Grover, a weird kid who thinks he’s a half-goat, and Annabeth, a super-hot girl who unfortunately doesn’t want to date Percy. Yet.

There’ll be loads of action and tons of smelly farts as Percy’s quest proceeds to its exciting conclusion: a showdown in the Underworld with Hades himself!

The odds might be against Percy, but don’t give up hope, because he’ll have the ultimate weapon at his disposal: The Lightning Fart!

Can a fart really save the universe?

Find out…in this hilarious parody of the Percy Jackson books, THE LIGHTNING FART!


Steve Lookner is one of Amazon’s top parody authors. He began his writing career as an editor of The Harvard Lampoon, and has written for TV shows such as Saturday Night Live and MADtv. Be sure to check out Steve’s other parodies on Amazon, including The Maze Bummer: A Parody of the Maze Runner, and City of Boneheads: A Parody of City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments, Book 1).

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Steve Lookner




2 hrs and 55 mins

Narrated by

Brian Holden

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