The Lesbian Tongue Goddess audiobook cover art
The Lesbian Tongue Goddess Audiobook

The Lesbian Tongue Goddess Audiobook


by Sybille

  • Narrated by: Tammy Viers
  • Length: 1 hr and 21 mins
  • Release date: 05-01-19
  • Language: English

Jessie never guesses the real reason Charlane wants to vacation at the All-Womyn Luv Goddess Beach Resort.

On a remote Caribbean beach next to raw tropical rain forest jungle, this lesbian-only resort hides a divine secret, and Jessie freaks out when she discovers the goddess wants to devour her with a giant, warm, and wet slick tongue – and learns to enjoy the goddess in every orifice of her body.

The ordinary life satisfies Jessie. Working as a pizza delivery driver. Sharing an apartment and bed with Charlane. Eating to nourish her bountiful curves.

She enjoys her fingers on Charlane, and Charlane’s fingers on her – but never reaches the height of ecstasy. Never dreams she could, can, or should.

Despite Charlane’s love and acceptance, deep down Jessie does not appreciate herself. Her beauty and sex appeal. That her weight just gives her more curves to pleasure Charlane.

More curves to feel her own pleasure with it.

So Jessie hides within her shell, content to retreat from life.

But Charlane wants more – more from life. For herself and – because of her love for Jessie – for Jessie.

Charlane discovers the lesbian-only All-Womym Luv Goddess Beach Resort hosts a goddess celebration one weekend a year. So she twists Jessie’s arm to go, but doesn’t tell Jessie the full truth, knowing Jessie would refuse to go if she understood Charlane’s plan.

At midnight of the goddess celebration, Jessie wins the grand prize – a close, personal encounter with the tongue sex goddess herself.

Many orgasms later, Jessie’s life changes forever….

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Narrated by

Tammy Viers


1 hr and 21 mins

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