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The Last 150 Really Useful English Phrases Audiobook

The Last 150 Really Useful English Phrases Audiobook


by Jenny Smith

  • Narrated by: Jus Sargeant
  • Length: 1 hr and 34 mins
  • Release date: 09-15-15
  • Language: English

Do you feel stuck in the intermediate English level?

Do you want to break out and start improving quickly?

Then this is the perfect audiobook to help you move up to the advanced level and start using everyday English fluently.

This is the third and final book in the popular 150 Really Useful English Phrases series.

What made me want to write this book?

After years of teaching intermediate students who never seemed to improve, I decided to find out what the problem was. Essentially, intermediate students get stuck because learning at this stage is a different type of learning than at the beginner stage. You have mastered the grammar and the basic vocabulary, but most books just carry on like nothing has changed.

What you need at the intermediate stage is not just more dry grammar and lists of vocabulary, but to be exposed to as much “real” English in as many real-life situations as possible. This will help you start to understand what people are actually saying and not just “textbook” English. It’ll also help you to naturally get a feel for the language. Because I couldn’t find a book that introduced everyday English phrases in a fun and engaging way, I decided to make one myself.

How will this book help you?

Every new phrase is introduced in the real context of a short story or an article. So by having fun and listening to something interesting, you’ll be learning naturally, rather than having to force yourself to study. It’s a simple fact that if you’re having fun, you’ll learn quicker and easier.

This series of books is an excellent way to be exposed to real everyday English phrases, with the guidance of clear explanations and examples in simple English. In other words, it uses simple language to introduce more complex phrases so you are eased into a more advanced level.

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Jenny Smith




1 hr and 34 mins

Narrated by

Jus Sargeant

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