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The Healing and the Dying Audiobook
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The Healing and the Dying Audiobook



by L.A. Witt

  • Narrated by: Jason Winters
  • Series: Tooth and Claw, Book 2
  • Length: 10 hrs
  • Release date: 05-11-15
  • Language: English


Doing the right thing could destroy everything….

Levi, Ian, and Darius escaped death by wolf pack by the skin of their teeth, but they’re not out of the woods. The wolves are relentless. Help from humans? Not likely. Their only hope is a vampire commune in remote Western Canada – if they make it in one piece. Even then there’s no guarantee they’ll be offered sanctuary.

First challenge is to get there. Sunlight is deadly. Money is dwindling. Police and wolves alike are on the hunt. Worse, Levi hasn’t recovered physically or emotionally from the accident that broke several of his bones and killed his best friend. He desperately wants Ian or Darius to turn him, which would heal his wounds, speed their escape, and sever his last tie to the wolves that made his life hell. Yet Darius hesitates, caught between his desire to help his lover and fear that once this is all over, Levi and Ian will have no use – or desire – to keep him in the picture. And that’s assuming they all make it to the end of this alive….

Warning: Contains two vampires and a werewolf who would really like to just sit down somewhere and lick their wounds but are too damned busy stealing cars, avoiding sunlight, eluding police, arguing, jumping off roofs, and plotting new and innovative ways to weasel past customs. Oh, and plenty of scorching-hot sex between three very, very dirty boys.

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L.A. Witt




10 hrs

Narrated by

Jason Winters

Release date



Tooth and Claw, Book 2


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