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The Handsome Lady and Other Stories Audiobook
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The Handsome Lady and Other Stories Audiobook



by Kelvin William

  • Narrated by: Doug Greene
  • Length: 5 hrs and 11 mins
  • Release date: 07-28-20
  • Language: English


“They went slogging up to the churchyard gate all right, but when they got to staggering along ’tween the gravestones Mark thought he could see a something white sitting in the poorch, but the sailor couldn’t see anything at all with that lump on his shoulders.

“What’s that there”? Mark whispers in Pat’s ear. And Pat Crowe whispers back, just for joking: “Old Nick in his nightshirt”.

“Steady now”, Mark whispers, “go steady Pat, it’s getting up and coming”. Pat only gives a bit of a chuckle and says: “Ah, that’s him, that’s just like him”.

“Then Levi calls out from the poorch soft like: “You got him then! Is he a fat ’un”?

“Holy God”, cried the sailor, ‘it is the devil”! and he chucks poor Mark over his back at Levi’s feet and runs for his mortal life. He was the most frittened of the lot ’cos he hadn’t believed in anything at all – but there it was. And just as he gets to the gate he sees someone else coming along in the dark carrying a something on its shoulder – it was Impey wi’ the sheep. “Powers above”, cried Pat Crowe, “it’s the Day of Judgment come for sartin”! And he went roaring the news up street like a madman, and Impey went off somewheres too – but I dunno where Impey went.

“Well, poor old Mark laid on the ground, he were a game old cock, but he could hardly speak, he was strook dazzled. And Levi was frittened out of his life in the darkness and couldn’t make anythink out of nothink. He just creeps along to Mark and whispers: “Who be that? Who be that”? And old Mark looks up very timid, for he thought his last hour was on him, and he says: “Be that you, Satan”? Drackly Levi heard that all in a onexpected voice he jumped quicker en my neighbour’s flea. He gave a yell bigger nor Pat Crowe and he bolted too. But as he went he dropped the little tin canister and old Mark picked it up. And he shook the canister, and he heerd money in it, and then something began to dawn on him, for he knowed how his brother’s fortune had been buried”…

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Kelvin William




5 hrs and 11 mins

Narrated by

Doug Greene

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