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The Gridiron Audiobook

The Gridiron Audiobook


by Clive H. Jackson Reader

  • Narrated by: Todd Ethridge
  • Length: 1 hr and 27 mins
  • Release date: 07-14-20
  • Language: English


The year begins with the season of Advent, when we think of the first coming of Jesus into the world and the way in which it was prepared for his coming. Then follows Christmas, the well-known and popular festival when we remember the Saviour’s birth to a Jewish lady, Mary. This is followed by the Epiphany, when the Lord was first shown to the non-Jewish people, the Gentiles. Quite a significant event for those not of the Jewish faith. It is the first recorded time that the Lord was shown to non-Jewish people (Gentiles), reminding us that he came for everyone. 

Things move on rapidly to Lent, and the Lord’s life, which leads up to his Crucifixion. 

Appropriately, the solemnity of Lent and Holy Week is followed by the joyful season of Easter, when we celebrate the Resurrection of Our Lord. Forty days on, and we celebrate the Ascension of Our Lord. It is not long after the Ascension that the church celebrates Pentecost (or Whitsun), when the Holy Spirit of God descended on the church and kick-started it into action — action that continues to this day! 

As you may know, the rest of the year, up until Advent, is taken up by the season of Trinity, with much teaching and many commemorations. 

I hope that you enjoy this tour through the Christian year and that it deepens and makes more relevant your practice of faith in Christ Crucified, Risen, and Ascended.

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Clive H. Jackson Reader




1 hr and 27 mins

Narrated by

Todd Ethridge

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