The Green New Deal: The Rise of Democratic Socialism Audiobook


by Michael Mathiesen

  • Narrated by: Michael Mathiesen
  • Length: 4 hrs and 48 mins
  • Release date: 09-06-19
  • Language: English


In this country, there are two parties that seem to be controlling everything in our daily lives. The Democratic Party – supposedly composed of very liberal folks but which has nothing to do with Real Democracy and the Republican Party – who no longer represents the will of the people – and who are no longer conservative. When you don’t act to preserve and protect the traditions of our Constitution, you’re not a conservative any longer, you’re just in it to win it. Personal advancement, going along with whatever is popular seems to be the hallmark of the Republican Party right now. 

But, we must remember that Social Security Retirement Benefits, Medicare, basically free health care for the elderly, unemployment insurance, all paid for out of our salaries by the way, weekends, child labor abolished, the abolition of slavery, the minimum wage, equal rights laws, equal protections under the law, social justice advancements, and much more all came from the Democratic Party. 

I can think of not one single social program that came to us from the Republican Party, and in fact, I can only think of the many administrations, such as the present one, whose only doctrine is to SAY NO TO – OR OPPOSE – any more social programs for the vast majority of us. They seem to want us all to go backwards. 

So, there must be some modicum of real Democratic sentiment within the Democratic party, and indeed, this is the group that has handed us The Green New Deal Resolution – as of this writing – not yet passed, really just a pipe dream. 

But, what a powerful puff out of the pipe it is. Many people, mostly Republicans, are calling the concept of trying to save the planet from mass extinction of all life forms, including our own as too RADICAL – but isn’t it far more radical an idea that you would do nothing to prevent a disaster of this proportion? Isn’t it more radical – not less – for someone to NOT CARE A FIG whether or not the human race survives into the next century?  

A Call To Action.

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Michael Mathiesen

Narrated by

Michael Mathiesen


4 hrs and 48 mins

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