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The Good Reaper Audiobook
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The Good Reaper Audiobook



by Dennis J Butler

  • Narrated by: Tim Brunson
  • Length: 9 hrs and 58 mins
  • Release date: 02-18-16
  • Language: English


An alien race has traveled 9,000 light years to reach Earth. They brought with them, a cure for cancer and all infectious diseases as well as advancements in propulsion technology. But is the human race ready to welcome a superior race? Is the human race ready to move beyond the narrow-mindedness of a territorial mentality? Is the human race prepared to trust strangers from a far-away world?

When Naos Oriel-Achernar volunteered to be part of the second phase of the study of the human race, he had no preconceived notion of breaking Ranjisan law. But that was before he got to know, admire and even love the human race. Naos was part of the medical discovery team that was tasked with observing human medical conditions and treatments. Phase I of the study of the human race consisted of strictly areal observation. Naos was a part of Phase II. In order to study humans more closely, Ranjisi observers posed as humans and blended into human society. Naos was assigned to work in a hospital in New York City.

Rule one of the Ranjisan exploratory bylaws prohibit direct involvement in human medical treatments. Naos was only there to observe and report back, but living among the humans was far different than studying them from the sky. Humans are rough around the edges and sometimes cruel but Naos found them exciting and he grew to love and admire them.

Naos is in a battle with his conscience. Should he deny his feelings and obey the laws that he was sent to Earth to live by or should he do what he knows in his heart is right and become an alien fugitive criminal?

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Dennis J Butler




9 hrs and 58 mins

Narrated by

Tim Brunson

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