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The Gallic Wars Audiobook

The Gallic Wars Audiobook


by Captivating History

  • Narrated by: Randy Whitlow
  • Length: 1 hr and 20 mins
  • Release date: 07-18-19
  • Language: English


If you want to discover the captivating history of the Gallic Wars, then keep reading….

As Rome swelled with tradespeople, artisans, slaves, and wealthy merchant families, its politicians struggled to maintain the fundamental democratic properties of the republican government. Rules were bent and broken, politicians and voters were bribed and lied to, and eventually, the power of Rome fell to the one man who could muster the respect and loyalty of the world-famous Roman army.

That man was Gaius Julius Caesar. A patrician and Populares of the Roman Republic, Caesar used the territorial threat of the Gauls of Western Europe to wage the Gallic Wars and seize ultimate power. His actions eradicated the democratic system, beginning the era of the ruthless tyranny of the Roman Empire in three continents.

In The Gallic Wars: A Captivating Guide to the Military Campaigns that Expanded the Roman Republic and Helped Julius Caesar Transform Rome into the Greatest Empire of the Ancient World, you will discover topics such as:

  • Ancient Gaul
  • Gaius Julius Caesar
  • The Helvetii Celts
  • The Helvetian War
  • Ariovistus, the German King
  • Battle of the Sabis
  • The Germanic War
  • United Gaul Versus Caesar of Rome
  • The Battle of Alesia
  • Crossing the Rubicon
  • Caesar’s Civil War
  • And much, much more!

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Captivating History




1 hr and 20 mins

Narrated by

Randy Whitlow

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