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The Expert’s Guide to Teenagers Audiobook

The Expert’s Guide to Teenagers Audiobook


by Bill Corbett

  • Narrated by: Bill Corbett
  • Length: 1 hr and 50 mins
  • Release date: 07-30-14
  • Language: English

Raising children is not an easy task. It might be easier if they arrived with a manual of instructions, but they don’t. It doesn’t always get easier as they get older either. Situations just seem to get more complex. If you’re looking at this audiobook, then you’re making the effort to try and understand your teenager (or pre-teen) a little better.

It’s a good decision on your part, but now you’re faced with the challenge of who to listen to. There are plenty of books to choose from, but not everyone has the time to sit and sift through hundreds of books. How do you decide which ones are best? Who is right? Whose methodology is better? Whose ideas are easier to employ? The reality is, each book probably has something worthwhile to offer.

This audiobook is different because it offers a collection of information from experts who have specialized knowledge when it comes to working with teens and pre-teens. I have compiled my interviews with them into this audiobook so you can have immediate access to their expert information, ideas, and insights into dealing with a variety of situations you and your teen are likely to experience.

The goal of this audiobook is to give you immediate access to information relevant to current or in-the-near-future situations involving your child. With the help of these experts, you will get a glimpse of the world through your teen’s eyes as well as options for effectively managing the situations covered in this audiobook.

Our children are always worth our efforts, and we strive to do better because we love our children. The secret is to remember that they love us, too. Start from there and then arm yourself with information, ideas, and insights, like the ones provided in this audio, to develop a stronger relationship with your teen.

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1 hr and 50 mins

Narrated by

Bill Corbett

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