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The Entire Life Story of Mark Twain Audiobook

The Entire Life Story of Mark Twain Audiobook


by The History Hour

  • Narrated by: Jerry Beebe
  • Length: 1 hr and 52 mins
  • Release date: 06-27-19
  • Language: English


Mark Twain Samuel Clemens the greatest humorist America has produced. Samuel Clemens, Mark Twain, whatever name you want to call him, was a complex individual who was moody and had a dark side but never showed it to his audience because he needed their buy-in for him to make money. When he worked as a riverboat captain, he saw how the rich and famous lived. He thought he would like that kind of life.

Inside you’ll learn about:

  • A Premature Baby Who Had a Lot to Say
  • All He Knew Was Work
  • Would He Ever Settle Down?
  • Sam & His Women
  • On Religion and Politics
  • Life Always Takes Its Toll
  • And much more!

Mark Twain liked giving his speeches and traveling as he made much more money and much more quickly. He was terrible with finances and went bankrupt at one point in his life but soon got his families footing back on solid ground. Of real interest, you will find he had two loves in his life. One who married him and stood by his side no matter what and one who came to him only in his dreams but was as real as anyone living that he kept correspondence with even after being married.

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1 hr and 52 mins

Narrated by

Jerry Beebe

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