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The Deadly Fae Audiobook
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The Deadly Fae Audiobook



by Terry Spear

  • Narrated by: Jeanne Whitehouse
  • Series: The World of Fae, Book 2
  • Length: 5 hrs and 1 min
  • Release date: 08-23-13
  • Language: English

Lady Sessily is a dark fae, an assassin, and she intends to retire and take up some other occupation so she can lead a normal life. Get a boyfriend. Visit the human world to hassle humans like many of her kind do. Attend fae kingdom parties, not as the mystery woman who is scoping out her next intended victim, but just to have fun. Until tall, dark, handsome, and deadly interrupts her plans. She is on a mission to assassinate a fae lord who is the most evil kind of fae. But when she is thwarted, not once but twice by another fae lord, she is ready to strangle him. And she’ll do it for free.

The crown prince of the cobra fae doesn’t know what to think when he hires a master assassin who turns out to be a woman – not her father like he’d been led to believe. But can she eliminate one of the most powerful queens of any of the fae kingdoms without getting herself killed? He soon rethinks his plan as he gets to know the woman he begins to think of as his angel assassin.

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Terry Spear




5 hrs and 1 min

Narrated by

Jeanne Whitehouse

Release date



The World of Fae, Book 2


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