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The Dark Side of the Hacking World Audiobook
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The Dark Side of the Hacking World Audiobook



by Mike Mason

  • Narrated by: Jim D Johnston
  • Length: 3 hrs and 52 mins
  • Release date: 01-12-16
  • Language: English


A Guide to the Hacking Underworld You Have Never Heard Before!

Hackers have always been a closed, secretive circle, wary of infiltrators and keeping their secrets completely hidden from the public eye until now! This book blows the lid open on the dark side of the hacking world, bringing all of the shadowy secrets, tools of the trade, malicious methods, and high-stakes multi-millionaire lifestyles of hackers out into the open! Each chapter gives you unprecedented access to the cunning tricks, psychological manipulation, and malware that hackers could be using against you right now!

In this eye-opening guide, I bring you:

  • An introduction to the secretive world of hacking.
  • The types of hackers that pose a threat to you, and their various motivations.
  • The different tools, methods, and tricks these hackers could use against you.
  • How a hacker could be literally watching your every move and listening to your every breath through your computer!
  • How anyone could be the hacker next door!
  • The cunning techniques dangerous hackers use to access your private information and step-by-step explanations of their hacks.
  • Hacker tips and tutorials that take YOU inside the hack and put the power in your hands!
  • How to avoid, prevent, and fight back against potential hacking campaigns.
  • And much more!

Don’t stay in the dark about the menacing methods of malicious black hat hackers. Act now to learn inside knowledge about their hacks and how to use their own tricks against them to protect your precious assets and stay safe!

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Mike Mason




3 hrs and 52 mins

Narrated by

Jim D. Johnston

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