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The Curious Boy Audiobook
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The Curious Boy Audiobook



by Albert A Ruggiero

  • Narrated by: Verle Luthy
  • Length: 3 hrs and 38 mins
  • Release date: 03-25-15
  • Language: English

Introduction, beginning, middle, end: this is the way these short stories are composed. It’s not the only way, but it serves my purpose, in that I wanted to have them stand alone and yet contribute to the whole. To my way of thinking, each tale has become an entity unto itself. They are pearls on a long necklace that contribute to the total because they are contained in an Anthology. Each one vibrates with a certain resonance that reminds us of the same kinds of incidences in our own lives. If on the contrary we view them as just separate and not contributing to the Anthology in which they are in, we come to the conclusion that they show us the collective consciousness of humanity. It is not a coincidence that we see that fact, because I tried to fashion them that way. The many themes in the stories reflect our deepest fears and triumphs. Whether it’s a young boy’s curiosity about the world around him or the regret of an old man not protecting his friend long ago when they were children, these topics hit us where we live. Like the curious boy, I hope that you discover little pearls of enlightenment. And come away with the enjoyment of listening to stories that give us hope. The human being has a remarkable capacity at surviving every disaster. Enjoy.

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Albert A Ruggiero




3 hrs and 38 mins

Narrated by

Verle Luthy

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