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The Contractor Audiobook

The Contractor Audiobook


by Scarlet Butler

  • Narrated by: Julie Griffin
  • Length: 49 mins
  • Release date: 06-21-16
  • Language: English

Nadia’s eyes opened, and she looked up to see, feel, Lena’s face just inches from hers. Her heart raced, as the older woman stood up, smiling at her, standing over her. Lena had changed out of the business casual outfit she had worn to work and the bar, and into…Nadia couldn’t pull her eyes away. She had worn a white babydoll with a lacy bra and a slit down the front. The cups of the bra were translucent, showing that she had nipple piercings. Her panties were sexy and lacy, the sides of them visible. Her curves obviously also included a hint of chubbiness, but it was worn well; the woman was clearly confident. Around her navel was a tattoo in the shape of a sun, and the lights which Nadia hadn’t bothered to turn off showed her caramel skin contrasting with her lingerie.

Nadia sat up, confused as Lena looked down at her. Nadia was still weary, her eyes blurry, not that she couldn’t even believe them; the woman in front of her exuded sexuality. The woman in front of her wasted no time, practically straddling her, aggressively pressing her body to hers’, letting her hair fall around them as she looked down at Nadia.

“I want you,” Lena said, before leaning in to kiss the younger woman before Nadia could react.

Nadia couldn’t even gasp. She could feel Lena’s body, her skin warm and her hips grinding as she pressed down. Her softness and the muscularity under that softness, and the feeling of her lips, aggressive and hot. The taste of alcohol and the smell of lavender. The way that they made Nadia’s own body react; her hips bucked, ever so softly on their own and her breath caught.

Nadia pressed back against her boss…

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Scarlet Butler




49 mins

Narrated by

Julie Griffin

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