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The Blitz Audiobook

The Blitz Audiobook


by David B Boyer

  • Narrated by: Brittany Schank
  • Length: 1 hr and 28 mins
  • Release date: 09-25-18
  • Language: English

“My name is Elnora. Or it used to be Elnora. Now, by what I understand, it is ‘Victim Number 59’. Now, like a lot of other young girls who inadvertently get mixed up with the wrong crowd, hang around the wrong places, live teetering on the very edge of society, I am nothing more than a statistic on a sheet, another lonely number among many others. 

“You’ve heard the old song, ‘One Is the Loneliest Number’? They had it all wrong. Number 59 is the loneliest number. As well as number 58, 57, 56, and so on. 

“I have been classified as just another one of the ‘nearly dead’, meaning that my lifestyle was surely going to kill me anyway, even if someone else didn’t kill me first. I was one of the expendables – no one in particular would miss me.”

So says, Elnora – or Elly for short – a young woman from Indiana who, after a horrific, abusive childhood, sought solace in the arms of men who didn’t love her but were better than nothing when it came to being all alone in the world. 

Until she was a victim of the Blitz – a violent, brutal rape and beating in which her attackers left her for dead. 

The true story of a real survivor, The Blitz is a harrowing but eye-opening tale of a woman who, despite all that was stacked against her in life, rose above all odds to become an advocate for other victims of sexual abuse and rape. 

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David B Boyer




1 hr and 28 mins

Narrated by

Brittany Schank

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