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The Basics of Bible Doctrine, Volume 1 Audiobook
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The Basics of Bible Doctrine, Volume 1 Audiobook



by Ed Hindson

  • Narrated by: J.B. Hixson
  • Length: 5 hrs and 37 mins
  • Release date: 03-18-19
  • Language: English


Seven great chapters to help you understand the Bible!

Chapter 1 – The Book of Revelation in 55 Minutes, Ed Hindson: The most difficult book in the Bible made easy!

Chapter 2 – Walk Thru the Old Testament, Gerald Robison: You’ll learn, in order, the entire Old Testament from Genesis to Malachi and remember what you’ve learned for the rest of your life! Lots of fun!

Chapter 3 – All About angels, Ron Rhodes: Angels are all around us. But myths permeate our thinking. This is a great Bible study to learn angelic origins, activities, influences, and future prophetic fulfillments. A different realm and lots of fun!

Chapter 4 – All About Heaven, Dave Reagan: What will heaven be like? What will we do? Will our pets be there? Will we wear clothes? What age will our bodies be? How can we be happy in heaven if a loved one is in hell? Dave addresses all of this and more in this exhaustive outline of our future heavenly home.

Chapter 5 – 10 Truths About the Rapture, Andy Woods: Andy walks through a biblically solid and detailed outline of the coming rapture…that incredible future blink-of-an-eye moment when believers disappear from the Earth. Excellent!

Chapter 6 – The Prophets in 55 minutes, Gerald Robison: The one thing that separates our Bible from every other book on the planet is its inclusion of short-, medium- and long-term prophecies, given by God, to prove he is God. Gerald, a former Walk Through the Bible instructor, walks you through all the major and minor prophets – who, what, when, where, and why…and in a way you will remember forever! Awesome.

Chapter 7 – Nailed to the Cross, J.B. Hixson: The Bible says all our sins were nailed to the cross 2,000 years ago. But countless Christians think it is possible to lose your salvation or walk away from the faith. J.B. will show in no uncertain terms that your salvation has zero to do with your works, past, present, or future. Encouraging!

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Dave Reagan, Ed Hindson, Ron Rhodes




5 hrs and 37 mins

Narrated by

Andy Woods, Dave Reagan, Ed Hindson, Gerald Robison, J.B. Hixson, Ron Rhodes

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