The Art of Body Language Audiobook


by David Martin

  • Narrated by: DMS3
  • Length: 3 hrs and 3 mins
  • Release date: 01-08-20
  • Language: English


Among the important problems with the advancement of language is dependability. Suppose a primate makes a noise as a signal. How can other primates count on this signal and trust it? How do they understand it is not faked? As the statement is, “words are low-cost”. Primates don’t stick to any sense of morality, so if they can phony a signal for their own benefit, they will. This is why we developed mentally expressive signals that are difficult to fake.

The very best defense versus deception by a phony verbal signal is to ignore all verbal signals completely. Sadly this obstructs any development towards establishing a verbal language. How did human beings end up with a language? In other words, language and rituals co-evolved together.

People could now use body language along with spoken signals to communicate with each other. In addition, this was also the very first time they might state something verbally and something else non-verbally. To neutralize the devastating impact of lies on group cohesion, human beings developed routines and religion. Those who believed in the religion were, by definition, more trustable, and as a result, a group of Homo sapiens who believed in religious beliefs might preserve their cohesion more highly than other groups, therefore, could complete much better for resources to get power and eventually to expand and reproduce. This likewise resulted in the advancement of numerous superstitions. Those who thought in the very same superstitions were most likely to be part of the same group and belief system.

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