Supernaturally Filled Audiobook By Cassiopea Trawley, Cordelia Montgomery, Diana Katsaros, Autumn Crowl, CJ Smalls cover art
Supernaturally Filled Audiobook

Supernaturally Filled Audiobook


by Cassiopea Trawley

  • Narrated by: Jessica Simmons
  • Length: 1 hr and 22 mins
  • Release date: 05-20-16
  • Language: English

Dark Orgy

Cillia agrees when the new and extraordinarily wealthy client asks her to take on two brothers in addition to himself. She’s never experienced a gangbang, but for this call girl the price is right. Once it starts, though, it’s impossibly rough! How can they move so fast? How can they feel so cold? How can she experience her first anal sex and double penetration under these conditions? Finally, why does she feel their mouths, their teeth, at her neck?

Gangbanged by the Ghosts

Hillary and her friend, Sandy, are paranormal investigators, ghost hunters. Of course they don’t really believe in the paranormal, but they’ve made a great career of publishing photographic books of scary places with unexplained phenomena. That leads them to Harkland House, where legend says five Civil War soldiers and an innocent woman were brutally slaughtered and remain to haunt the abode even to this day. Of course they don’t believe it, but something happens while they’re there. Five men and one woman take the two in a rough and reluctant gangbang complete with double penetration. Did it really happen? Could both of them have dreamed the exact same dream?

Pandora’s Gangbang

When she found the box, she had no idea what it was. It was beautiful, though, and she cleaned it up and examined it more clearly. That’s when it changed. She didn’t know the secrets it held, but her world was thrown upside down when the denizens of the box escaped and set their sights on her. It was an overwhelming gangbang complete with rough sex, first anal sex, double penetration, and more.

Taken by the Tentacle Alien

My days on the deep space station were filled with boredom. As the only human managing robotic equipment on a distant planet, I really had nothing to do but fill my days as best I could without going insane with boredom. Then the space station let out an alarm, and suddenly things changed. There was an alien onboard, and the creature was intent on determining how humans reproduce. That meant rough sexual treatment as it attempted to impregnate me!

Tentacles in Every Hole

I have no idea what’s growing in the bathroom. The little clay pot that used to hold my houseplant now holds…well, I don’t know what it is. All I know is that it’s not a houseplant, and when I take a shower it seems to get…excited. It doesn’t stay small, either.In fact while the water falls down around me, it always ends up…well, this time there’s no hole off limits, and my tentacle monster is ready to give me my first anal sex experience and to make sure my mouth is completely full while I have a rough double penetration in the shower!

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Autumn Crowl, Cassiopea Trawley, CJ Smalls, Cordelia Montgomery, Diana Katsaros




1 hr and 22 mins

Narrated by

Jessica Simmons

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