Super Secret Space Mission Audiobook By Chris Lowry cover art
Super Secret Space Mission Audiobook

Super Secret Space Mission Audiobook


by Chris Lowry

  • Narrated by: Sean Leyden
  • Length: 2 hrs and 53 mins
  • Release date: 02-26-20
  • Language: English

In a hilarious case of mistaken identity, a hitchhiking cowboy and the motormouth city slicker that picks him up accidentally get shot into outer space to take back Earth’s super secret defense ship, the Lucas from alien invaders. These fish ain’t just out of water, they’re up in space and getting it all wrong trying to do the right thing.

They accidentally stumble across one of America’s biggest secrets. There’s a Space Force dedicated to protecting the planet from intergalactic threats. The largest and only star ship in the fleet, The Lucas is off trajectory and headed back to earth after a routine patrol mission beyond the rings of Saturn.

But instead of the two highly trained super soldiers the Space Force planned to send in a stealth shuttle to infiltrate, evaluate and rescue, Carver and Dawes are bundled up in suits and shot into outer space to save the world.

If you’re into The Martian and Star Trek, then you might not like this fast funny listen. The science may not be right, though I did the whole “compressed air for thrust” way back in 1999, so I know that’s correct, and the situation is more like a comedy than an action film. If you liked Galaxy Quest, then you’ll like this audiobook.

If you like your heroes tough and dumb and still able to get the job done, you’ll enjoy this audiobook. If you think smart strong women make better astro mechanics than men, you’ll have fun listening this, hello fans of Serenity. And that’s the key isn’t it, having a little fun.

Space Travel is dangerous. Elon Musk just announced a plan to put a colony on Mars by 2025 and that colonists should be prepared to die. Space is not a nice place for human beings. Especially since Pluto is no longer a planet and now there might be a Planet Nine or Dark Planet, not to mention all the dark matter that makes up 98 percent of the Universe that we don’t know anything about. Super Secret Space Mission is the first in a series of science fiction books that talk about the subject everyone is afraid to mention with the Mars Expedition. What if we get there and we’re not alone?

The Licks hail from deep space. Maybe the Dark Planet. They’re nine feet tall with lizard faces and alligator skins and they have their eyes set on earth. How did they find us? We keep shooting radio signals into outer space, inviting all sorts of advanced beings to visit us and never once thinking about what happened to the Natives when they waved Columbus ashore in 1492.

But that war is for another audiobook. Phalanx, the second in the series.

This one is funny. It will make you laugh out loud.

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Chris Lowry




2 hrs and 53 mins

Narrated by

Sean Leyden

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