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Super Mental Toughness, Stay Focused, Act and Get Results Audiobook
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Super Mental Toughness, Stay Focused, Act and Get Results Audiobook



by Andrew Lopez

  • Narrated by: Leigh Ann Haga
  • Length: 3 hrs and 41 mins
  • Release date: 07-27-20
  • Language: English


Would you like to feel much more energetic and push yourself beyond your limits?   

Have you made a terrible decision that lowers your self-esteem and drains your energy? 

Would you like to manage stressful situations with sharp control and focus?  

Are you prepared to recognize the best tricks used by the most significant successful individuals in business, life and sport, having that potent mindset that’ll wreck every destructive thought and uncertainty in mind?  

If you replied YES, this could be the ideal book for you! Having psychological strength will provide you the capability to proceed, even once you’re feeling like stopping. 

Emotional strength helps you maintain pushing when the others around you drop and fall short of their markers, also ensures that you don’t allow other people’s labels and limitations to obstruct your procedure.  

It is an essential element of living a fantastic lifestyle and rising to everything you’re.    

This book explains how to enhance your mental performance tremendously and comprises advice of Fantastic significance, for example:  

  • What is mental toughness 
  • Traits of mental tough people  
  • Assessing your mental strength  
  • How to create mental toughness 
  • Controlling fear of failure with mental toughness  
  • Using mental toughness to push-back on instant-gratification 
  • Using mental toughness to eliminate limiting beliefs 
  • Mental toughness for personal accomplishment 
  • Using mental toughness to improve self-confidence, self-discipline, will-power and self-esteem  
  • Improving you’re emotional intelligence utilizing mental toughness 
  • Mental toughness for determination, responsibility and perseverance  

Every chapter in this publication include advices and actionable measures to take for every single area of one’s own life.   

Developing a good pattern of self-discipline, emotional intelligence, motivation and persistence, are essential to creating the life of your dream. Just click the “Buy Now” button and enjoy this new audiobook!

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Andrew Lopez




3 hrs and 41 mins

Narrated by

Leigh Ann Haga

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