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Stop Shopping Addiction Audiobook
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Stop Shopping Addiction Audiobook



by Subliminal Guru

  • Narrated by: Subliminal Guru
  • Length: 1 hr and 10 mins
  • Release date: 12-11-15
  • Language: English

Stop Shopping Addiction – Kick Your Compulsion to Buy with Subliminal Messages.

Seven powerful recordings, each 10 minutes long, containing thousands of embedded subliminal messages designed to help you reach your goal.

This recording contains the following subliminal affirmations:

  • I buy only things I really need
  • I am in control of what I spend
  • I always stick to my budget
  • My shopping trips are planned and essential
  • I resist the urge to shop for the sake of it
  • I think logically and rationally about shopping
  • Shopping is a chore I do only when necessary
  • I have total control over my impulses
  • I avoid splurging when I shop
  • I am in constant control of my finances
  • My willpower is strong and unwavering
  • I am free from my shopping addiction

To use this recording, simply hit “play” and listen. You can also listen on repeat in the background if you desire.

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1 hr and 10 mins

Narrated by

Subliminal Guru

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