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Station Cores Complete Compilation Audiobook
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Station Cores Complete Compilation Audiobook

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by Jonathan Brooks

  • Narrated by: Miles Meili
  • Series: Station Cores, Book 1-5
  • Length: 56 hrs and 23 mins
  • Release date: 12-09-20
  • Language: English

Contains all five books in the Station Cores series: 

  • The Station Core – Book 1 
  • The Quizard Mountains – Book 2 
  • The Guardian Guild – Book 3 
  • The Kingdom Rises – Book 4 
  • The Other Core – Book 5 

In addition, there are some bonuses: 

  • Hand-drawn maps (admittedly done by me without much artistic talent) that I used to help me write the series 
  • A fun 12,000-word short story that combines the Dungeon World and Station Cores universes. 

Milton Frederick was originally abducted from his apartment to help defend one batch of pacifistic aliens called The Collective against another set of homicidal aliens called Heliothropes…but he never quite made it that far. Instead, during the process where his human consciousness was ripped from his body and inserted into a massive metal contraption called a Station Core, the ship that he was being transported on blew up and he was sent hurtling through space. 

Crash-landing on an unknown planet with just a foot-and-a-half tall, foul-mouthed, nanite-formed AI guide called ALANNA to tell him what happened, Milton has to come to terms with his new existence as a giant metal egg, defend his hazardously-in-need-of-repair outer shell from the dangerous local wildlife (including blood-thirsty squirrels), and manage the unique radiation spewing from his damaged internal reactor – all while figuring out how the heck to get off the planet. 

All of his work building a “dungeon” underground, defending it with makeshift traps, and filling it with small Combat Units may work well enough against the random beasts wandering around, but they’re next to useless when something else even more dangerous shows up knocking on his door: people. Not humans, of course, but the local equivalent – Proctans – who are similar enough to Milton’s original species…though with one major difference. 

They all have unique special abilities that looks suspiciously like “magic”. 

However, there is an even bigger threat that looms on the horizon not only for Milton, but all the Proctans as well….

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Jonathan Brooks




56 hrs and 23 mins

Narrated by

Miles Meili

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Station Cores, Book 1-5


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