Spookie & Dyspepsia go to Mars Audiobook By Clark Nida cover art
Spookie & Dyspepsia go to Mars Audiobook

Spookie & Dyspepsia go to Mars Audiobook


by Clark Nida

  • Narrated by: Clark Nida
  • Length: 59 mins
  • Release date: 02-10-15
  • Language: English


Dyspepsia is a normal little girl, with a gorgeous curl in the middle of her forehead. (Parents: don’t give your darling daughter a name, no matter how pretty it sounds, unless you know what it means!)

Spookie was just a normal cat called Pookie, until her “accident”. Actually it wasn’t an accident, as Prof. Schrodinger could tell you. But it wasn’t her fault, so she can’t be blamed. Now she’s an undead quantum cat, who occasionally glows in the dark, walks through walls, and does other scary undead quantum things. But she doesn’t like being scary. She likes going for walks in the sunshine with Dyspepsia.

Together the pals build a spaceship and go to Mars, with Chuck the astronaut, where something dreadful happens to the Mars Face.

Loads of crazy ideas – and some good science in there (somewhere). With a supporting cast consisting of President Lacy Lee, Curiosity rover, plus hundreds of little green men.

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Clark Nida




59 mins

Narrated by

Clark Nida

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