Spider-Man: The Lizard Sanction Audiobook By Diane Duane cover art
Spider-Man: The Lizard Sanction Audiobook

Spider-Man: The Lizard Sanction Audiobook


by Diane Duane

  • Narrated by: full cast
  • Series: Spider-Man
  • Length: 1 hr and 20 mins
  • Release date: 03-05-10
  • Language: English

The amazing Spider-Man launches into his most harrowing adventure as a trip to Florida turns into a deadly race to prevent disaster! The Lizard is wreaking havoc throughout the Everglades, as he seeks a cure for his dual identity as the reptilian villain and the human scientist Dr. Curt Connors — the result of an experiment gone horribly wrong.

Spidey’s attempts to halt the Lizard’s rampage lead him to a web of intrigue and danger that may spell the destruction of a space shuttle launch. The action heats up as Venom, the alien symbiote who wants Spider-Man dead, arrives, targets the Lizard for death, and won’t let anyone stand in his way!

Spider-Man must save the shuttle, halt the Lizard’s rampage, and keep Venom from destroying the Lizard and the helpless scientist trapped inside him…before it’s too late!

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Diane Duane




1 hr and 20 mins

Narrated by

full cast

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