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Spanish Short Stories for Beginners (Part 2) Audiobook
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Spanish Short Stories for Beginners (Part 2) Audiobook

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by Learning Spanish Academy

  • Narrated by: Jowanna Lewis
  • Length: 6 hrs and 6 mins
  • Release date: 03-26-20
  • Language: English

If you want to learn Spanish quickly and without getting bored, don’t waste any more time and download now!

After English, Spanish is the most popular language in the world with more than 35 countries and 600 million people speaking it. I would therefore say that choosing to learn it means making an intelligent choice. But learning a new language is not that easy if you do not have the right tools. This is also why many people choose to travel close to home…but it is not such a simple solution for everyone. It will seem like a misplaced question, but science helps you here: Did you know we memorize and learn information more easily through stories? Because our brain likes it, it has been so used from an early age, with the stories they told us, cartoons, etc. In this way one is more inclined to learn. As a result, it is easier to learn and memorize a new language by reading and listening to stories.

Now, I don’t want to influence you by saying that mine is the best guide in circulation, as you will be the judge. As you surely know, there are several guides similar to this one for learning Spanish, but they are not really optimal or suitable for beginners for different reasons: Complicated terms are used, they have stories that are too long with no parallel text in English, there’s a lack of vocabulary, techniques, and suggestions, there are grammatical errors, and there’s other carelessness that you will not find in this audiobook. 

The audiobook is divided into two parts. Here is what you’ll find: 

Part two:

  • Tips and techniques about learning languages and key insights into learning Spanish 
  • The fundamentals of the Spanish language 
  • Some of the most complex issues of the Spanish language 
  • Verb conjugations in the present tense 
  • Twenty-five dual-language lessons broken down into verb tenses 
  • Core vocabulary that can be used in multiple situations
  • The present-continuous tense 
  • The present-simple tense with irregular verbs 
  • Five empowering lessons with all the tenses together 
  • And much more! 

Even if you have never spoken or written in Spanish, there’s no need to worry because this audiobook was designed specifically for people like you. In fact, by purchasing this audiobook, you will have the big advantage that only this audiobook offers: the parallel translation of the stories in English, which will definitively cancel any difficulty in understanding and memorizing the text that you might encounter by purchasing other guides. Furthermore, at the end of each story, there are 10 questions that will allow you to rework the stories in your own words to verify the comprehension of the text. Also, there are suggested answers that will guide you in each of your answers. 

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Learning Spanish Academy




6 hrs and 6 mins

Narrated by

Jowanna Lewis, Noelia Socolovsky

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