Song and Dance! Audiobook By Regina Ransom cover art
Song and Dance! Audiobook

Song and Dance! Audiobook


by Regina Ransom

  • Narrated by: Vivian Lee Fox
  • Length: 57 mins
  • Release date: 10-17-14
  • Language: English

Regina Ransom’s controversial forays into the world of rough and reluctant gangbang sex has produced yet another extreme hardcore erotica short. In Song and Dance, Lisa wants to be a star more than anything. When a man she thought would support her suddenly throws a monkey wrench into the works, she thinks her career and her chance at fame might be over. That’s just the beginning, and before the end, she’ll endure a terrible night of rough and reluctant gangbang sex complete with humiliation, rough deepthroat, very rough sex, and a painful first anal sex experience in the form of a vicious double penetration. Just how much can a woman take in the hopes of making it on Broadway?

Warning: This book contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during a very rough gangbang. It includes reluctant sex, very rough sex, spanking, humiliation, rough deepthroat, reluctant semen swallowing, rough anal sex, spanking, slapping, and double penetration. It is intended for mature listeners who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.

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Regina Ransom




57 mins

Narrated by

Vivian Lee Fox

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