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Social Anxiety Solution Audiobook

Social Anxiety Solution Audiobook


by James Rules

  • Narrated by: Micah Howery
  • Length: 3 hrs and 28 mins
  • Release date: 01-21-20
  • Language: English

Social Anxiety Disorder? Shyness?

Separation anxiety? Social anxiety in the workplace?

Every person at one point in their life has had to deal with anxiety, whether it the nervous feeling they get before taking an exam or the natural anxiety they may have when they start their first job. To be fair anxiety is a common feeling for many of us to experience under different circumstances and is generally a manageable emotional response to new situations. 

But for an estimated 6.8 million people this normal feeling of apprehension when exposed to new people or experiences can take an ugly turn and have a debilitating effect upon their life. Someone who is suffering from Social Anxiety Disorder, Separation Anxiety or Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder may find it difficult to handle day-to-day responsibilities, be intimidated by social events and invites and find adapting to workplace stress a daunting task. 

In the most extreme cases anxiety disorders can have a catastrophic effect on someone’s life locking them in a cycle of insecurity, fear, and compulsory behaviors that alienate them from others, destroy their relationships, and cost them opportunities. 

If you or someone you love is suffering from Social Anxiety Disorder or any other associated anxiety disorder Social Anxiety Solution: The Practical Solution to Improve Self-Esteem and Overcome Shyness, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Depression and Phobias. Build Your Social Confidence. Build your social confidence can help. This audiobook will cover the following topics to assist anyone who is suffering from Social Anxiety Disorder in overcoming this daunting psychosis and lead a normal life once again.

The topics that are covered in this audiobook are as follows:

  • Social Anxiety Disorder – exploring what social anxiety is and why it develops
  • Components Physical, Cognitive, and Behavioral of Social Anxiety – which reviews the psychological and physical components of social anxiety
  • How to Overcome Anxiety Problems – powerful tips for overcoming social anxiety
  • About Shyness – explains what shyness is and why we become shy
  • The Anti-anxiety Food Solution – incredible diet and nutrition changes that can be made to today that help overcome anxiety
  • Mass Media and Communication Impact – discusses how mass media contributes to social anxiety
  • Learning How You Can Manage Your Anxiety – daily anxiety management tips
  • Daily Strategies for Overcoming Anxiety – techniques for overcoming social anxiety daily
  • Start a Conversation with Anyone – easy social communication tips to help you start conversations with others
  • Building Massive Confidence – sure-fire ways to develop and maintain self-confidence
  • Get Respect Immediately – valuable tips on how to gain respect from anyone
  • Separation Anxiety – what is separation anxiety and where does it start
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder – obsessive-compulsive disorder what it is and why we suffer from compulsive behaviors
  • Natural Remedies that May Help with Anxiety and Panic Attacks – natural ways to overcome anxiety disorders and panic attacks
  • Treatment Options and Drug Therapy – what are the treatment options for those who suffer from extreme anxiety disorders and what medications can help
  • Social Anxiety in the Workplace – how to cope with social anxiety triggers in the work environment

These powerful tools and techniques will help you or your loved one break through the fog of Social Anxiety Disorder and achieve a regular life.

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James Rules

Narrated by

Micah Howery


3 hrs and 28 mins

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