Smart Toddler Discipline Audiobook By Emily Hughes cover art
Smart Toddler Discipline Audiobook

Smart Toddler Discipline Audiobook


by Emily Hughes

  • Narrated by: Lizzie Richards
  • Length: 1 hr and 51 mins
  • Release date: 02-15-19
  • Language: English

What do you do with your little one if only yesterday he/she was an adorable child and now throws tantrums every time he/she is not treated like royalty? Do you threaten, bribe, shout, distract, or simply ignore them, hoping that at some point in time it will get better?

Nowadays, parents are bombarded with so much “expert advice”. Some of it is confusing, some contradictory, and some simply impossible to follow. No wonder so many parents feel frustrated and confused!

The reality is, however – there is no single parenting rule that fits absolutely all children. While some children may be extremely motivated by simple praise words, others need more tangible rewards to be influenced. All toddlers are different!  

That’s why the smart parenting method I’m teaching is not just about the discipline tactics and how to implement them. It is a lot more about learning to understand your child’s development, practicing the ability to read his or her emotions, and developing the discipline approach that is best suited for your child.

That’s when disciplining and parenting strategies start working. That is the foundation of my Smart Toddler Discipline approach.

Inside this audiobook, I will explain:

  • The things you need to know about child development and what defines the success of your disciplining effort
  • Why saying “No” simply doesn’t work
  • How to understand the real reasons for your toddler’s unruliness
  • How to tailor the disciplining tactics to your child
  • The most important things to do before you start disciplining
  • The most appropriate and reliable toddler-disciplining strategies
  • Ten toddler disciplining mistakes to avoid at all cost
  • Why potty training is such a challenge and how to solve it effectively
  • One amazingly effective routine that will get you through those difficult toddler days
  • Practical exercises, cheat sheets, a rewards system, and so much more!

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Emily Hughes




1 hr and 51 mins

Narrated by

Lizzie Richards

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