Self-Discipline, Volume 1 Audiobook By George Pain cover art
Self-Discipline, Volume 1 Audiobook

Self-Discipline, Volume 1 Audiobook


by George Pain

  • Narrated by: Giles Miller
  • Length: 56 mins
  • Release date: 08-08-17
  • Language: English

Have you set goals for yourself, but was unable to motivate yourself to achieve it?

There is no way to measure the loss of opportunities caused by a lack of self-discipline in your life. Your inability to control your weight might seem like just a long term health issue, but it might have also thrown off life partners that might otherwise have been interested. Your lack of control over spending might seem like just a way to get into credit card debt, but it might also be the reason for increased weight gain, and tensions with your spouse.

Understanding that you have no control at this moment over your impulses is the first step. Once you accept this fact, you are ready to tackle them with the advanced techniques in this audiobook. Understand, that you will need to be stern with yourself when you get into situations where these demons are likely to emerge. These can be times when you are going to eat a second or third helping of food. There can be all those times when you know you should start working, but you put it off to do something more interesting – like talking with a colleague.

Get your life organized with principles of self-discipline that will serve you forever. When you start focusing on some areas of your life, you will notice that it improves other unrelated areas in your life.

Here’s what is Included in this audiobook

  • Cognitive Principles of Behavior
  • What is a Habit Loop?
  • Replacing Habits in a Habit Loop
  • The power of delayed gratification.
  • Understanding the Psychology of Procrastination
  • Utilizing Habit Pyramids with Examples
  • Areas to Apply Self Discipline

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George Pain




56 mins

Narrated by

Giles Miller

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