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Secrets of Dark Psychology Audiobook
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Secrets of Dark Psychology Audiobook



by Phillip Chad

  • Narrated by: Anthony Ross
  • Length: 4 hrs and 12 mins
  • Release date: 04-06-20
  • Language: English

Covert persuasion or influence is the process by which a person’s attitude or behavior can be changed – with or without verbal, physical, or social, coercion – and influenced by communications from other people. You can protect yourself from the manipulative interventions of others by getting a better understanding of how these techniques are used on targets, as well as the signs and the symptoms.

Not all types of persuasion is manipulative or threatening. Others might point out that without some degree of mutual accommodation and social control that is obtained through persuasion, the human community becomes disordered. In this way, persuasion gains moral acceptability when the alternatives are considered. 

In this audiobook, we will discuss and analyze dark psychology secrets of covert persuasion, emotional influence, brainwashing, and mind control. 

Here is a short list of what this audiobook covers:

  • What is of covert persuasion, emotional influence, brainwashing, and mind control? 
  • What are their uses in daily life? 
  • What are their techniques, strategies, and tactics? 
  • How to spot that someone us using it on you? 
  • What are the vulnerabilities that make us more susceptible? 
  • What are its advantages? 

You can learn a lot about these topics in this audiobook and employ this knowledge in your daily life to get. The book will also help you to learn some of the techniques and in-depth knowledge to use them appropriately. This will be an excellent listen to increase your awareness of the subject. 

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Phillip Chad




4 hrs and 12 mins

Narrated by

Anthony Ross

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